Outbound Marketing noun: Traditional forms of marketing and advertising where a company initiates the conversation and sends messages out to an audience.

outbound marketing is like a megaphoneMany advertisers would have you believe it’s time to start avoiding trade shows, broadcast and cable television ad insertions, radio, print, html email, direct mail and call centers but at OKCADS.com we believe there is value in outbound marketing. Pundits would argue the following points:

  • Difficult to track a return (ROI)
  • More ways to filter outbound efforts (call blocker, spam filters, video on demand, etc)
  • High Costs. Low response.

And up until recently those pundits would be right but with better ways to track and post media buys these arguements are soft at best. At Oklahoma City Advertising we don’t believe in all forms of outbound but we do believe in some. For more information about outbound marketing in Oklahoma City please visit a few of our pages.

Outbound Marketing That Works