What’s the best way to turn strangers into customers and customers into promoters of your business? Inbound Marketing. Take a moment to view the graphic below.

inbound marketing with OKCADS.com

At the top are the four actions (Attract, Convert, Close, Delight) inbound marketing agencies, like Oklahoma City Advertising, will help you to obtain visitors, leads, customers, and promoters. At the bottom are the tools companies use to accomplish these actions.

Inbound Marketing in the Digital Age

Since mid 2000s, inbound marketing has become a very effective marketing method for doing business online. Rather than traditional, outbound marketing methods like buying ads, buying mail lists, and hoping for leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people INto your company and/or products. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time.

Sharing is caring and inbound is about creating and sharing content with the world. By creating content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customers, inbound attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more.

More About Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a group of tactics and best practices online marketing professionals use when promoting your school, church, business or non-profit through blogs, video, enewsletters, SEO, social media, and online PR. The key to understanding inbound marketing is to think about it as IN-bound. It’s the process of bringing people INto the site rather than have to go OUT to a more traditional media like TV or radio.

This is done primarily via the production of content built to engage the online viewer and drive them to site or your social media platforms. We offer a variety of inbound marketing products at OKCADS.com which include:

Please visit one or all of the pages above to learn more details about inbound marketing in Oklahoma City. Photo credit to Hubspot, learn more about inbound marketing at http://www.hubspot.com/inbound-marketing