Direct mail is a powerful advertising tool. As a marketing agency, our specialty is producing intelligent strategies and persuasive creative work that communicates your service, brand and product to your customers. Take advantage of all of the methods and processes we have discovered that drive up response rates and sales while reducing costs. Partnering with will make you more successful.

Why Direct Mail?

dental direct mail okcadsHere are six great reasons to partner with Oklahoma City Advertising for your direct mail needs.

  1. Direct mail is targeted.
  2. Direct mail is personal.
  3. Direct mail is tangible.
  4. Direct mail is measure-able
  5. Direct mail is cost effective.
  6. Direct mail is quicker.


Better data means accurate results at a lower cost. Make sure your well-crafted message is delivered to a targeted and accurate mailing list. A well-selected and clean mailing list is vital in making sure that your design achieves the best results possible.

Direct Mail Design Consultation

You may design an eye-catching piece of mail, but you may be able to save money by cutting a quarter of an inch off the width, or maybe you could make it even bigger – and stand out more in a mailbox – without needing to pay more. Mail the most impactful mail piece at the smallest price possible.


We understand that your print collateral is a direct reflection of your business, and we consistently work to present your high quality image. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of print communications and our in-depth understanding of postal regulations, our expert staff will handle the printing process from start to finish, and nothing will be sent out unless it has your signed approval.


Because we are centrally located in Oklahoma, we can quickly ship to anywhere in the continental USA. An online tracking system verifies your direct mail campaign’s location and delivery throughout each stage of the mailing – right down to the post office dock and mailboxes where they are hand delivered to. When it comes to advertising, timing is everything, so we understand the importance of getting mail sent out on time and letting you know when it has landed.